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Hello. We are Bay City Cargo and Vintage Metal Sign Letters.

At Bay City Cargo we collect metal letters from vintage metal signs and have the letters for sale and we collect the letters from sign shops, movie theatres, casinos, or everywhere we can!

We are the premier world-wide source for the large retired retro dimensional letters that once graced movie theatre marquees, drive in movie marquees, casinos, and signs  As the world moves to generic flat plastic letters everywhere else; we stand firm. We love these big old letters.

We collect and sell all sizes and styles of old large letters. We are always adding more to our collection. VintageMetalSignLetters.com has old vintage letters for sale.

Looking for New Letters?
We are also dealers for all new letters including Wagner, Gemini, dimensional, slotted, Snap Lok, Pronto, and Zip. New letters include the new flat plastic printed letters as well as the dimensional letters. Click here!

We have letters that are metal, plastic, colored, solid, painted, and some of our letters are really beat up, but most are in truly good condition. Most do appear to be a bit weathered. The ones in “bad condition” look like they have spent a life working in snow, sun, rain, thunder, wind, and lightning. Most have spent their lives in the great outdoors for many years. As the saying goes they’ve  been “rode hard and put away wet!” Call it patina or “je-nais-sais-quoi” (that certain something) but these letters have been around.  From time to time we do also collect unused new letters! In any event: we have a lot of letters!

Please take a look at our eBay store. Click here. But Read this first!

If you do not use eBay please still look through our eBay listings to get an idea of our inventory. If you prefer not to use eBay contact us directly at any time and we'll be happy to help you.

Once you get to our eBay store:

  • Please use the pull down menu to see all the letters we have.
  • Read all the information.
  • Do not forget: before you “check out” and pay with PayPal we combine shipping charges so please wait for an invoice before paying if you are buying multiple letters.
  • If ever you are a bit lost by all our choices, need help of any kind, or have any questions feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time.

If you have a large request, perhaps you are a retailer... please feel free to contact us directly by phone, email, letter, or fax. We are wholesale suppliers and look forward to helping you fill your shop or commercial establishment with our cool letters.

Lastly: if ever you are in our neighborhood please stop by to visit. Belfast, Maine is a great little spot on the coast and we’d love to say hello

Bay City Cargo
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